Herbal Legends cannabis is a family of cannabis dispensaries located in the most Northwestern parts of Washington state. Our humble start as the Healthy Living Center in Bellingham back in 2010 made us the first medical cannabis dispensary in Bellingham. This family owned business became well known for a painstaking attention detail both when it comes to customer service and stocking our shelves with quality, effective medical cannabis products. As the state shifted into a recreational cannabis model Healthy Living Center became known as Herbal Legends, a recreational store that still catered to customers who remained loyal to the medical program.


Now Herbal Legends has expanded to two Pacific Northwest recreational cannabis locations in Bellingham and Mount Vernon. The name is a nod to those cannabis advocates that came before us like Jack Herer and Dennis Peron. Both Herbal Legends stores carry almost identical menus and within customers will find a well-trained, educated staff that understands what products do enough to find the perfect items for any occasion. Medical patients and recreational cannabis customers enjoy stopping by Herbal Legends Bellingham and Skagit for cannabis flowers, wax, vape cartridges, edibles, and a wide array of glass.


Though many cannabis dispensaries have been known to rush through their sales that isn’t how we operate at Herbal Legends. With an understanding of how the cannabis plant works and what the products on our shelves do, cannabis consultants at our stores spend time with each visitor to ensure they get exactly what they’re looking for. Here we take the time to understand our customer’s needs, because like each and every one of us, the cannabis plant is exceptionally complicated. Each cannabinoid, terpene, flavonoid, and more is doing its own job when we inhale or ingest a product. These various compounds are actually what give cannabis the bounty of effects that patients and recreational users have reported for centuries.


Our hope is that using cannabis products will enhance our customer’s lives. In some cases we’re talking about dealing with chronic pain but there’s also those who are enjoying a morning hike or getting into the groove while jamming with friends. All of these situations could easily include a fat joint, a few drops of tincture, or an infused lemonade to add a little extra.


The buyer at Herbal Legends does so for both Northwestern Washington cannabis dispensary locations. We stay at the pulse of what the modern cannabis consumer wants and provide products, accessories, and service in tune to those needs. Let’s find out what your favorite products are together!


Have a product you’re looking to showcase at our premier storefronts? Want to get in touch with the Legends themselves? Send an email to info@hlcannabis.com.



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Bellingham Location

Mt. Vernon Location



2118 James St, Bellingham, WA 98225
Hours: Mon-Sat 8am-9pm • Sun 10am-8pm

Mount Vernon

2714 Henson Rd Ste. B, Mt Vernon, WA 98273
Hours: Mon-Sat 8am-10pm • Sun 9am-10pm