Product Description

Formerly Ethos brand, same great healing. When this orange muscle rub is gently massaged on your skin, you will feel a warming sensation that will soothe your muscles and melt your worries away. Muscle Melt can be used to provide relief for nerves, inflammation, general soreness, among other conditions. We infused our Muscle Melt with our ultra pure Cannabis Oils from full-flower, stem, inner bark and roots using the cleanest CO2 and organic alcohol extraction methods. By harnessing whole-plant extractions we unleash the powerful symbiotic relationship between cannabinoids and terpenes. By blending 50% Raw and 50% Activated cannabinoid profiles, we’ve captured the entire spectrum of benefits cannabis has to offer. The cannabinoids and terpenes are absorbed through the skin. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of our proprietary ‘Terpene Love Cannabinoid (TLC)’ selected oil blend activate when the rub comes into contact with the body’s natural endocannabinoid receptors. This provides fast-acting and localized relief without creating the sensation of being high. All Natural IngredientsRapid absorption through skin 100mg THC + 40mg CBD + 20mg other Cannabinoids