Product Description

120mg Total Cannabinoids Per Package: 100mg THC + 20mg CBDEach Candy Contains 10mg THC + 2mg

CBD Mojo Mints are the perfect sidekick for wherever life takes you.Fast absorbing, long lasting, and flavorful!Each Mojo Mint is scored in the center for accurate micro-dosing.Tins come with 10 individually wrapped cannabis-infused candies.Made with full-flower, sun-grown, pesticide-free, standardized full-spectrum oil blends extracted with CO2 and organic cane alcohol extraction methods.Utilizes Green Revolution’s ‘Terpenes Love Cannabinoids Standardization Profiles’ for a rich and vibrant terpene and cannabinoid profiles.Cannabis should be fun and delicious!Easily shareable with friends over the age of 21!Just unwrap and Eat!