Product Description

  • Sativa / Indica:Sativa – 70% / Indica – 30%
  • Taste Description: Lemon-Citrus, Spicy/Sweet Mint, Diesel Skunk
  • Smell Description: Spicy / Citrus / Skunky Fuel Aroma
  • High Description: Mellow Energizing & Uplifting Cerebral High
  • Medicinal Uses: Depression, Anxiety, Pain, Fatigue, Eye Pressure

Diesel Thai is a Sativa dominant hybrid. Though the exact ratio is unknown, her growth structure, flowering time, potency results, and analysis of the felt effect have led us to label her as 70% Sativa. Sweet smelling like sour candy, specifically like the cherry flavored sour powder in a FunDip candy pouch, our Diesel Thai has a thoughtful energetic sativa high. Lacking the anxious buzz of many Sativas, the uplifting high of this hybrid includes a balancing mellowness. We were gifted a cutting of the Diesel Thai by a friendly old hippie living in the most remote reaches of the Olympic Peninsula, very near the Hoh Rainforest.